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    David's Publications

    Law Journal Articles

    • The Maturing Trademark Doctrine of Post-Sales Confusion, Tichane, 85 The Trademark Reporter, July/August 1995 25pp.  [peer-reviewed]

    • Copyright:  Restrictive Notices on Quasi-Public Domain Software, Tichane, 13 The Licensing Journal, April 1993, 8pp.

    Technical Articles

    • Pressure Mounting Technology for SMT Devices:  An Alignment and Attachment Solution,” Tichane, Avery, and Suy, IEPS, 1994 International Electronics Packaging Conference, Atlanta, GA, September 1994, 8pp.

    • Software Engineering and the UNIX Development Environment, Tichane,  National Prime Users Group, 12th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, May 1988, 12 pp.

    • The Source Code Control System within UNIX, Tichane, Prime Systems Symposium, Hilton Head, SC, June 1986, 19 pp.

    • Providing Information about Witnesses:  The Effects on Case-Processing Decisions in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Davis, Russell, and Tichane, Vera Institute of Justice, July 1979, 43 pp.



    • Effective Writing:  A Short Guide to Technical and Business Writing Style, Tichane and Henderson, Prime Spectrum, March 1988. 2pp.

    • Clean Revolution, Tichane, Letter to New York Times, April 3, 2000, p. A24.





    • 5,959,840:  Apparatus for cooling multiple printed circuit board mounted electrical components.

    • 5,881,453:  Method for mounting surface mount devices to a circuit board.

    • 5,615,086:  Apparatus for cooling a plurality of electrical components mounted on a printed circuit board.

    • 5,504,988:  Apparatus for mounting surface mount devices to a circuit board.


    • 2009/0277677:  Electronic Assemblies without Solder and Method for their Design, Prototyping, and Manufacture.


    • Television Simulcast Caption Display and Push Information Service [received SONY Invention award but patent application not filed].


    • Apparatus for Demonstrating Lenz’s law [device constructed and demonstrated but patent not filed].